How to Video – Resistance vs. Temperature Calculator

Need help generating a resistance vs. temperature table? This short video will guide you through using QTI’s online thermistor calculator. This R/T calculator will generate a thermistor lookup table with data from -55°C to 150°C in tenth of a degree increments. Click here for a link to the calculator.

How to Video – USB Thermometer

Looking for an easy to use precision USB thermometer? QTI has created a video that shows you how to use our free temperature monitoring software that comes with each of our HID DirecTemp probes. The video will walk you through all of the features of the DirecTemp USB Thermometer software.

Thermistor vs. RTD vs. Thermocouple

Need help deciding what temperature sensor to use? QTI has created a video that explains some of the differences between RTDs, thermistors and thermocouples.