T320/E320 Series

QTI’s T320/E320 micro thermistors are encapsulated with epoxy in polyimide tubes with polyesterimide insulated #38 AWG solid nickel leads.  They feature parallel bonding and come in standard overall lengths of 3, 6 and 12 inches.  These thermistor probes are ideal for use with small probe housings and applications that require fast thermal response time.

Engineering Information
•   Typical diameter 0.023 inches
•   Typical wire size #38 AWG
•   Leads: solid nickel, Polyesterimide insulation
•   Material: epoxy, polyimide
•   Typical Dissipation Constant: 0.2mW/˚C in still air*
•   Typical Time Constant in still air: 3 seconds max*
•   E320 sensors RoHS compliant
•   Available in point-matched and interchangeable tolerances

* Depends on mounting