Software & Drivers

This page lists the software for Plug and Play (HID) and USB-Serial DirecTemp™ temperature sensors. The Developers' Section has code examples and instructions for using DirecTemp with a variety of operating systems and programs.

If you have questions about the installation process, please read our DirecTemp FAQ first.  If your question was not answered, please contact QTI for assistance.

Windows Plug and Play (HID) Application Software

Installation Instructions - Read First
Plug and Play Datalogger Installer

Windows USB-Serial Device Drivers

Installation Instructions - Read First

DTU Serial Install Package Zip File
Windows 2000 Full Serial Install Zip file (30mb)

Windows XP Full Serial Install  Zip file(30mb)

Windows 7 Full Serial Install Zip file (30mb)

Windows 8 Full Serial Install Zip file (30mb)

Windows 10 Full Serial Install Zip file (30mb)

Win 2000 (INF)
Win XP/Vista (INF)

Mac OS X Software for Plug and Play (HID) and USB-Serial Probes

Mac App Store Purchase Site (Requires 10.6.6)

Developer Resources

Plug and Play (HID)

Visual Basic Example
LabView Example
Linux Driver
Linux script example
HID Communication (PDF)


Visual Basic 6.0 Example
VB.Net Example
Java Example
LabView Example Example
Python Code Example
Bash script example (PDF)
Serial Communication (PDF)

Disclaimer:  QTI Sensing Solutions makes no guarantee of code usefulness for any application. Many of these example programs have been shared by other DirecTemp users and are hosted free of charge to help get developers started. We make no warranty express or implied on the code functionality or suitability any specific application. Use the available code examples AT YOUR OWN RISK. By downloading the code examples, you agree to hold QTI blameless and waive any right to compensatory damages from QTI and waive any right to legal proceeding against QTI that may or may not have been directly or indirectly caused by use or misuse of the code example resulting in expected or unexpected consequences. Proceed with caution at your own risk. Support from QTI for these examples is limited. The intended use of the example code is to provide a basic framework for the developer to establish functional communication from a system to the QTI USB temperature sensor.