Since 1977, QTI has designed and manufactured PTC and NTC thermistors of superior quality. From deep below the ocean’s surface to the outer reaches of space, millions of QTI-brand thermistor temperature sensors and probes have been used for mission-critical application.

Industry Partner in Quality and Performance

Our Vision

At QTI, we believe innovation is a key driver for success.  We partner with individuals and organizations that view innovation in the same way.  QTI encourages creativity, new thinking, and new ideas.  Continuous Improvement is at the core of who we are and what we believe.  W Edwards Deming once referred to Continuous Improvement as "the hospital you never get out of" and we live this motto in every aspect of what we do in being the leader in Temperature Sensor Design and Manufacturing.

Our Mission

Utilizing over four decades of experience, we will continue to earn industry’s confidence by providing the highest quality temperature sensors through teamwork and innovation.

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