QTIP68 Series

QTI’s Hydroguard QTIP68 Series of parts combines a highly stable precision thermistor encapsulated with an extremely durable water proof housing.  The probe is ideal for HVAC/R applications.  The temperature sensor offers excellent performance during harsh freeze/thaw cycles. QTIP68 overmolded probes are a great solution where moisture resistance is critical to corrosion prevention.

Engineering Information
•   Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 110˚C
•   Storage temperature range: -55˚C to 125˚C
•   Material: molded thermoplastic elastomer
•   Optional mounting clips available in a variety of sizes
•   Typical wire size: #24 AWG
•   Color-coded wire jacket available
•   Meets or exceeds IP68 moisture resistance rating
•   RoHS compliant options available

Additional Information
White paper: QTI Engineering put QTIP68 sensors to the test in a refrigeration environment consisting of repeated cool and defrost cycles, and recorded the performance characteristics over time. They also tested a competitor's IP68-rated sensor, and documented probe response times.  Read the white paper here.

White paper:  Thermal shock is one of the primary sources of failure in HVAC/R environments.  QTI Engineering has performed extensive thermal shock testing on this sensor using an automated HALT system.  Find test details and results in this white paper.

Catalog:  Find out more about QTI's line of sensors for HVAC and Refrigeration.

Handout: Download the QTIP68 handout.