QT06037 Series

The unique clip on QTI Sensing Solutions’ Snap-In Air Temperature Sensor provides increased sensor accuracy and easy installation. The combination of the sensing element’s position in the probe tip and the clip holding the sensor in the air stream ensures the air temperature, not the plenum temperature, is accurately measured. The overmold on the back of the sensor eases installation, provides a strain relief for the leads, and minimizes any environmental temperature effects on the sensor. The Snap-In Air Sensor can be clipped securely into a pre-drilled 0.30-inch hole in 14 to 18 gauge sheet metal, reducing installation time and expense.

This cost-effective air temperature sensor is available in a variety of thermistor R/T curves.

Engineering Information
•   Material: stainless steel or nickel plated brass
•   Typical wire sizes #22 to #26 AWG
•   Incorporated snap in clip for easy installation and greater sensor accuracy
•   Ideal for air temperature sensing in HVAC applications (install in plenums or blower housings)
•   RoHS compliant options available

Additional Information
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Handout: Download the QT06037 Snap In Air Sensor handout.