Precision Instrumentation

QTI can provide precision temperature sensors in a variety of forms to fit your specific precision instrumentation application.

In Medical applications, NTC thermistors, because of the industry’s highest sensitivity, are the ideal solution for monitoring temperature over the biological temperature range. NTC thermistors provide unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity over this critical range for medical applications of all types. Because of the relatively low cost of thermistor based sensors, QTI parts are the perfect temperature sensor for both durable goods and disposable medical applications. Typical medical applications include:

  • Extracorporeal Oxygenation blood temperature
  • Tissue temperature monitoring during Ablation Procedures
  • Gas temperature monitoring and control during Respiratory Therapy
  • Environmental temperature monitoring and control in Infant Incubators
  • Temperature monitoring and control for Patient Warming and Therapeutic Hypothermia
  • Temperature monitoring and control in Organ Transplant systems
  • Blood and tissue temperature monitoring in Medical Analysis equipment
  • Dialysate and blood temperature measurement in Blood Dialysis equipment

The characteristics of sensitivity, accuracy and reliability that make NTC sensors valuable in Medical Applications also make these sensors the primary choice for design engineers for applications with wider temperature ranges. QTI thermistors may also be used for:

  • Temperature monitoring and compensation in Water Quality Instruments
  • Temperature monitoring and control in Laser Skin Treatment/Rejuvenation systems
  • Temperature control in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) equipment used in Genetic Research
  • Temperature monitoring and control in Poultry Incubators
  • Temperature measurement in Gas Chromatography Equipment
  • Temperature compensation in Precision Crystal Controlled Oscillators

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