Value Added Capabilities


QTI Sensing Solutions, as an American Manufacturer has not been approved as an EPPL Part 1 manufacturer.  However, QTI is EPPL Part 2 recognized for the S-311-P18 and S-311-P827 series of Space Grade thermistor elements. 

In addition to EPPL Part 2 recognition; QTI continues to manufacture temperature sensors equivalent to those specified in the ESA EPPL Part 1 for both current and discontinued Detail Specifications. 

QTI is able to directly cross the Resistance vs. Temperature Characteristic and meet the performance requirements, screening, qualification testing, and lot acceptance criteria for sensor assemblies specified in the current ESA 4006 Generic Specification as well as current and inactive ESA 4006 Detail Specifications. 

QTI continues to support many mission critical applications for OEM's in Europe.  Our focus on product quality, on-time delivery, and customer service will ensure you have the sensors and support you need for your mission critical project.

We strive to provide the best in quality for European Space 4006/001; 4006/007; 4006/012; 4006/013; 4006/014; 4006/015; EPPL; ESA 4006; EPPL Part 1; EPPL Part 2; 4,002 ohms; 2,001 ohms; 15,000 ohms; 4006/002; 4006/013; 4006/014; 4006/015.

Value added


QTI Sensing Solutions will work with you Design Engineering staff to define the appropriate sensor element or sensor assembly for your high-reliability application. From Land System to Defense Electronics applications to satellite communication sensor assemblies, QTI has the experience to recommend and use the right materials, inspection methods, and lot qualification testing to provide a full flight-qualified sensor element or assembly. 


QTI Sensing Solutions maintains a qualified test lab to perform passive component lot qualification testing. Let QTI run your next lot of resistors, thermistors, RTDs, capacitors, inductors, or other passive components through the appropriate MIL or NASA Goddard level lot qualification testing. 


Let QTI add any cable, connector, or wire harness needed to connect to your sensor element or assembly at the system level. Both commercial grade and MIL-DTL-38999 connectors can be designed and manufactured to be delivered to the end user as complete, tested assemblies. Save your program both time and money by sourcing your sensor and harness from a single approved source.


Have QTI build your next cable or wire harness assembly. With two assembly facilities totaling more than 30,000 square feet dedicated to harness and assembly work, QTI can design, build, test, and deliver high quality cable and wire harnesses to your specification. QTI has experience supplying cable and wire harness assemblies to medical and automotive markets, as well as to Defense Electronics customers.

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