Looking for a QTI Sensing Solutions catalog or handout? Find it below.


Sensing Solutions Guide:  Precision temperature sensors for all applications. Information on surface mounts (SMD), leaded parts, and thermistor probes.

QTI Defense and Aerospace Guide
Defense and Aerospace Guide:  For over 30 years, defense sub-contractors have relied on QTI's components for their critical applications.  This guide features QTI's defense and aerospace sensors, testing and services.

QTI Sensing Solutions company overview: A short company and capabilities overview of QTI Sensing Solutions.


DirecTemp™ USB Thermometer Guide:  Find more information on probe and software options for our DirecTemp USB Thermometers in this guide.

HVAC/R Sensing Capabilities Guide:  Measuring temperature in an HVAC/R application?  Find the sensor you are looking for in this guide.

Hydroguard QTIP68 Waterproof Sensor handout:  The rugged QTIP68 waterproof temperature sensor is ideal for wet or humid environments, and offers excellent performance during harsh HVAC and Refrigeration freeze/thaw cycles.

Hydroguard QTSSP Waterproof Swaged Sensor handout:  This sturdy waterproof sensor excels in severe environments where response time is critical.

QT06037 Snap-In Air Sensor handout:  The unique clip on QTI Sensing Solutions’ Snap-In Air Temperature Sensor provides increased sensor accuracy and easy installation.
QTI Pool and Spa Sensors Guide
Pool and Spa Sensors Guide:  This guide highlights some of the temperature sensors most used by pool and spa manufacturers.
Medical Sensing Capabilities Guide:  This guide contains sensors most commonly used in medical applications, from DirecTemp USB thermometers to micro NTC thermistor elements.