Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense Applications

Sometimes there’s no room for error… Like when you’re on Mars.

Quality is essential to QTI’s process. When manufacturing high-cost-of-failure NTC and PTC thermistors to NASA GSFC spec, we take it to the extreme. For our latest Aerospace/Defense catalog, click here.

In addition to our aerospace and spaceflight clients, defense subcontractors have relied upon QTI’s thermistor components for more than 30 years. We maintain one of the largest QPL (Qualified Product Listing) offerings of any supplier.

Lunch and Learn Sessions

If you’d like to learn more about QTI’s defense electronics products and services, we can schedule a Lunch and Learn session with you. Lunch and Learn sessions are typically 45 minutes in length with lunch provided by us. To schedule a session, please contact us and include “Lunch and Learn” in the comment field. Also, please include information about which topics are of particular interest at your facility. You can also call QTI at (800) 554-4784 and ask for a Military and Aerospace Sales representative.

Testing Capabilities

QTI was the first thermistor manufacturer to work with the Defense Supply Center Columbus to develop a new military specification: M32192. And now, in conjunction with the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, it has developed a new specification for high-cost-of-failure NTC and PTC thermistor temperature sensors.

QTI’s in-house testing laboratory was designed with aerospace customers in mind. We’re fully qualified to perform all tests specified in MIL-PRF-23648 and MIL-PRF-32192. We also have the facility to perform many of the tests specified in:

  • MIL-STD-202
  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-883
  • NASA GSFC S-311-P-18
  • NASA GSFC S-311-P-827
  • EEE-INST-002
  • TOR-2006
  • ESA 4006
  • MIL-PRF-38534 Class K and H Element Evaluation

Available Services

QTI can provide testing services upon customer request. Available services include:

  • Power burn-in
  • High-temp storage
  • Low-temp storage
  • Terminal strength
  • Terminal shock
  • Resistance to soldering heat
  • Life testing
  • Temperature cycling
  • Moisture testing
  • Shock and vibration testing
  • Temperature characterization
  • Space-level screening
  • QCI military testing
  • Cryo-chamber conditioning
  • Wafer evaluation
  • Die shear
  • Wire bonding/evaluation
  • Bake out

To discuss how QTI has helped clients in aerospace and military fields,