About QTI Sensing Solutions

About QTI Sensing Solutions

QTI Sensing Solutions is a privately-held manufacturer of temperature sensors and assemblies.  Founded in 1977, we have grown to be the trusted supplier of temperature sensing solutions for many world leaders in equipment manufacturing.  Our products can be found in a wide variety of applications, from medical catheters to industrial refrigeration equipment to the Curiosity Mars rover.


Why Choose QTI's Temperature Sensors?

  • We are the experts in thermistor manufacturing.
  • We test 100% for accuracy.
  • We care about the details.
  • We provide design assistance.
  • We manufacture in the USA.



QTI News and Events

News and Events

Join QTI at the AHR Expo in Chicago
Going to the AHR Expo? Stop by QTI's booth (3863) for a beer and the latest in HVAC/R temperature sensors.  Learn more.

QTI Receives Commodity Classification Guidance on MIL-PRF Thermistors
The US Government has issued guidance that most international MIL-PRF thermistor sales do not need an export license.  Read the full document here.

NASA's 2016 Mars Lander to Include QTI Thermistors
Several of QTI's thermistor temperature sensors will help the InSight lander operate at peak efficiency.  Learn more about the mission.